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In a pubquiz - Which side are you on?

You are Quiz-Master, with a really good pub quiz? Do you like to torment the guests with nasty questions? Then you've come to the right place at Pubquiz Manager.

Manage your quizzes & teams and distribute points. At the end, you present your guests a clear ranking with placements, lap winners, average points and animation - of course in the style of your pub.

And the highlight: The teams can also log in and view their participations including the rankings from home.

For you as the quiz master, the use is free .

You are a quiz junkie and regularly take part in the pub quiz? The Pubquiz Manager helps you keep track of things.

In which pub, with which team, with which quiz and in which ranking - everything is clearly presented so that nothing stands in the way of marching through to the podium.

For you as a participant, the use is of course completely free.


The system currently offers the following features:

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